Instructions for using Napoleon’s Oraculum interactif:

  1. From the list, select the question you wish answered.
  2. Click the red buttons to randomly create rows of vertical lines.
  3. When five rows have been created, the Oraculum will use them to determine the answer to your question.

In the printed version of Napoleon’s Oraculum, the user was required to use a pen or pencil to make five rows of lines, as randomly as possible. The number of lines in each row is used to create five rows of one or two stars. The question number and the stars are used to extract a symbol from a table. The symbol and the stars are used to look up the answer from a second table. Napoleon’s Oraculum interactif randomly generates five rows of lines, eliminating the need to draw them yourself.

Here are the instructions from the 1839 edition of Napoleon’s Oraculum:

Select your question:
1. Inform me of any or of all particulars which relate to the woman I shall marry. 17. Will my beloved prove true in my absence?
2. Will the Prisoner be released, or continue captive? 18. Will the marriage about to take place be happy and prosperous?
3. Shall I live to an old age? 19. After my death, will my children be virtuous and happy?
4. Shall I have to travel far by sea or land, or to reside in foreign climes? 20. Shall I ever recover from my present misfortunes?
5. Shall I be involved in litigation; and if so, shall I gain or lose my cause? 21. Does my dream portend good luck or misfortune?
6. Shall I make, or mar, my fortune by gambling? 22. Will it be my lot to experience great vicissitudes in this life?
7. Shall I ever be able to retire from business with a fortune? 23. Will my reputation be at all or much affected by calumny?
8. Shall I be eminent, and meet with preferment in my persuits? 24. Inform me of all particulars relating to my future husband.
9. Shall I be successful in my present undertaking? 25. Shall the patient recover from illness?
10. Shall I ever inherit testamentary property ? 26. Does the person whom I love, love and regard me?
11. Shall I spend this year happier than the last ? 27. Shall my intended journey be prosperous or unlucky?
12. Will my name be immortalized, and will posterity applaud it? 28. Shall I ever find a treasure?
13. Will the friend I most reckon upon prove faithful or treacherous? 29. What trade or profession ought I to follow?
14. Will the stolen property be recovered, and will the thief be detected? 30. Have I any, or many enemies?
15. What is the aspect of the seasons, and what political changes are to take place? 31. Are absent friends in good health, and what is their present employment?
16. Will the stranger soon return from abroad? 32. Shall my wife have a son or a daughter ?
Click each row button to generate an answer:Ask Again